How to edit your video title from your cell phone using the YouTube Studio App

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Want to know how you can easily edit your youtube video title from your cell phone?

Do you Want to see just how easy it is to make these edits.

That’s exactly what I will reveal inside this video so stick around

First thing you must do is go to your app depository and search for the YouTube creator studio app. YT Studio app

Download the app and sign into your account using your YouTube credentials.

Once logged into your account within the app navigate to the video that you wish to edit and upload a new thumbnail image.

To do that click on the top menu at the upper left corner and select videos.

Scroll to the video you wish to edit the video title on.

Click into the video

And look for the pencil icon to the top right of your video.

Click that and it will take you to a new page.

On this new page you are able to edit your video title, video description and more.

To edit the title click on the existing title and you should then see the option to type and edit the video title.

Make your desired edits and then click save in the upper right of your app.

Your changes will be saved and applied with your new edited video title

Thats just how easy it is to edit your video title from your cell phone

So thank you for watching, whilst you are here why not click on the subscribe button and the bell notification icon so that you get updated whenever I release new video content like this.

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